Polk Audio PSW 10 Review

Have you ever thought of buying a good room thumping bass under $100? Yes, you read it right. You need to calm yourself down and stay tuned to find out. Polk Audio PSW 10 is the masterpiece about which we were discussing above. Today, we are again here before you to review, Polk Audio PSW 10. Sometimes, all the subwoofers look pretty the same. Irrespective of their size, most of the boxes or cubes can be differentiated on the sound quality.

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Some subwoofers are known to be boomy, wall rattling, high bass provider, or low-frequency catcher types. It all depends upon the mechanism, it posses. Polk Audio PSW 10 is the product that is going to be full of theatre thrills, musical bass along with home pounding. This excerpt can help you get the quality product at an affordable price filled with numerous subwoofers. Brace yourself up; we are going to start the review right now.

Polk Audio PSW 10 Technical specifications

  • Amplifier: 50 watts RMS
  • Enclosure type: Bass-reflex ported
  • Front-firing size: 10 inches
  • Frequency range: 40-160 hertz
  • Crossover range: 80-160 hertz
  • Switch: phase
  • On/off: Automatic
  • Input: Speaker and line-level
  • Output: Speaker level
  • Dimensions: 14 X 14.3 X 16 inches
  • Warranty: 5 years (woofer), 3 years (Amplifier)
  • Additional feature: Removable grill

PolkAudio PSW 10 Feature Review

  • Design

 Having minimalist as well as solid appearance, Polk Audio PSW 10 turns out to be elegant by its design. Polk Audio PSW 10 is compact with 14.5″ X 14″ X 15″ dimensions weight about 26 pounds. The whole composite 10-inch body is constructed with the MDF board, which is non-resonant. Subsequently, it adds to your interior while adjusting with other stuff. The most attractive part of this subwoofer is its titanium finish metallic silver hue on the front baffle, though there are two options to select from it is Black or cherry colored vinyl. You may find the detailed controlling port and knob on the back of the subwoofer.

  • Efficiency

PolkAudio has made PSW10 as one of the best sounding subwoofers known for delivering excellent quality of thump and low-frequency bass to provide the best quality of audio. It reproduces the nuanced sound of a stand-up bass. You can classify the music as detailed and full of clarity without getting overpowered. It is notable for moderately sized rooms to small rooms. When it is concerned with the movies and music, it continues to produce sound and smooth bass frequency with enough volume concisely. The natural sound output with plenty of basses makes it an outstanding to purchase.

  • Quality

The quality of sound is quite impressive as it is full of deep bass. Polk Audio PSW 10 can seriously add some of the low frequencies for impactful sound experience in your movies and music. It is known to deliver stable and accurate bass coming from internal bracing. This product easily integrates with the existing sound system.

  • Performance

Polk Audio PSW 10 delivers definite thump and rumble, making it an excellent choice for usage. It shines in this segment, which is quite impressive as well as astonishing. With the frequency range of 50 RMS, it is one of the subwoofers that becomes muddy at its lowest frequencies. At the most economical rate is it offers tight, deep, clearer bass without getting overpowered. Overall the performance of this subwoofer is clear as well as accurate. We want you to know Polk Audio PSW 10 is undoubtedly going to be worth investing in it.

  • Pricing

When we talk about audio quality, it is one of the extremely valued home theatre subwoofers. Polk usually makes pretty decent stuff. The PSW10 is designed to match plain wanted series or m series because they have a whole series of floor standing and bookshelf speakers. They all are generally kind of a value line for those who are not looking to spend thousands and thousands of dollars on home theatre equipment. You can find it regularly very easy under hundred bucks, often you can find it on pretty good sales because it is really easy to find them for around 90 $100 with free shipping at any e-commerce website.

Pros and Cons

If you are susceptible about investing in this music peripheral, then the below mentioned pros and cons can help you in finalizing.


  • Available at low price
  • Better audio quality
  • The setup process is easy
  • Deep bass capabilities
  • Titanium finish
  • Three-way power switch


  • Not suitable for larger space
  • Lose impact on muddy sounds
  • Lacking LFE input
  • Lack of magnetic shielding

Company overview

PolkAudio has emerged as one of the renowned audio equipment company in the audio sphere that has improved over the years. Products from PolkAudio as sound equipment manufacturing company is known for providing a better sound experience at the accessible price; this has become a brand that is one of the front runners in the audio equipment market. Most of Polk’s products have engineered in a way to be available under the limited budget of people with a premium sound quality experience. PolkAudio Company manufactures authentic American speakers specially crafted for the music lovers. This renowned company was founded in the year of 1972, over the years, it has improvised its product with the recent technologies. PolkAudio is known for producing premium quality audio products like automobile speakers for home, FM tuners, smart speakers, and amplifiers.


The review of Polk Audio PSW10 has come to an end. Overall, if you are looking for a subwoofer at a low price with good quality of sound, then this unit is best for you in terms of its looks, specification, features, performance, and audio quality. You should know that this is more suitable for confined spaces, it may lose some of the impacts when it is placed in a larger area. We want to inform you that it comes with five years of warranty that is worthy of investment. It would be best if you surely went for this one because Polk Audio is one of the companies that produce quality products. At last, we want to assure you that this product is not going to disappoint you at this price range and you won’t be getting any better from this under $100.

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