Polk Audio HTS 10/12 Subwoofer Review

Music enthusiasts look for different subwoofers to experience the quality of music. There are many types of subwoofers in the market for a variety of applications. However, the main purpose of looking for a subwoofer is listening to high-quality music. But, people get confused about finding the right subwoofer for their application, and after purchasing the wrong product, they feel regret. So, I am here to help you in finding the best subwoofer for your application. Here I am reviewing the Polk Audio HTS 10/12 subwoofer. This subwoofer is a powerful product to include in your Home Theater system. This subwoofer is designed by the Polk Audio to offer the optimum theater experience to you. When I tried this subwoofer with my home audio system, I was completely impressed. So, I am reviewing this subwoofer here so that you also can get benefited by this product.

Polk Audio HTS 10/12 Subwoofer Review

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The Polk Audio HTS 10/12 subwoofer is designed to allow listening to your favorite music tracks anytime you want. This subwoofer is capable of upgrading your home audio system. If you are not happy with your current audio system in the home, then you can consider installing this subwoofer in your home audio system. The subwoofer can offer a powerful deep bass to provide you with an incredible music experience. The bass is optimized to reduce the distortion and offer crystal clear sound to you. It has easy assessing controls for controlling volume. It can be a superb choice for any home audio system.

Speaker Type powered, ported powered, ported
Continuous Power 100 W 200 W
Response Range 25 - 180 Hz 22 - 180 Hz
Driver Size 10" 22 - 180 Hz
Warranty 3 years (electronics), 5 years (driver/cabinet) 3 years
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Who should use this product?

Your home decoration is incomplete if you don’t include a powerful and efficient audio system in your home. If you are looking for a subwoofer for your home décor, then the Polk Audio HTS 10/12 subwoofer is the perfect product for you. As it reduces the distortion and offers clear sound and deep bass, music enthusiasts can consider using this subwoofer to fulfill their music needs. This product is designed by the Polk Audio to improve the home audio system of any home. If you are looking for a subwoofer to boost the sound quality of your home theater, then this product is ideal for you. It has a great design and looks outstanding. As the Polk Audio HTS 10/12 subwoofer includes an advanced technology, those who need an advanced subwoofer in their home should use this product.

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The subwoofer includes a 200 watts class D amplifier to offer you clear bass without any distortion. This subwoofer comes with a long-through 10-inch driver for better performance. This subwoofer is capable of offering high efficiency in any application. It is ideal for small and medium-sized rooms in your home. With a stylish look and lightweight design, this subwoofer is a brilliant addition to your home audio system to enjoy your movies and music effectively. The Polk Audio HTS 10/12 subwoofer comes with LFE and stereo line input levels so that you can interface this product with your audio system easily. There are multiple interface options available in this subwoofer for different audio systems.

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  • Patented power port technology:

The subwoofer includes a patented power port technology for deep and clear bass. Because of its power port floor-firing design, it offers airflow from the speaker into your listening area for a high-quality bass. I liked this feature in this product because it offers me the quality of music I want. Also, this feature reduces the port noise of this subwoofer up to 3dB than other subwoofers in the market.

  • Easy to operate controls:

Another outstanding feature of this subwoofer is it includes the controls to allow you to operate this product effectively. It has control knobs for volume, low pass filter, and phase. With these controls, you can adjust the volume and bass according to your comfort level. It also has a DC control system for switching the power on and off. Also, you can configure it for auto on/off when required.

  • Wide compatibility:

The subwoofer can be added to any home audio system easily. It includes LFE and stereo line-level RCA inputs to get connected to any home audio system easily. So, you can use this product with no issues.

  • Energetic driver system:

The subwoofer includes a front-firing 10-inch driver system. This driver system and its patented dynamic balance technology are optimized to offer a clear and deep bass irrespective of the music track you play. This system reduces the distortion and offers outstanding durability.

  • Powerful bass:

The Polk Audio HTS 10/12 subwoofer can produce a powerful bass to provide you with the ultimate home theater experience. Because of this feature, you can enjoy your favorite music tracks in your home effectively. Its 200 watts class D amplifier helps to decrease the distortion and improve the bass quality.

  • American standard design:

This subwoofer has a stylish design that meets American standards. Its curved edge looks stunning and powerful. This subwoofer can fit any home décor easily. Also, a black washed walnut finish is available for a premium look.

Tips for using:

The Polk Audio HTS 10/12 subwoofer is a brilliant product to add with any home audio system. You can experience the best performance from this subwoofer if you use it effectively. Here are some tips for using this subwoofer properly.

  • You should do proper maintenance of this subwoofer to experience a better performance for a long time.
  • This subwoofer has a wide compatibility. Still, you should make sure that the subwoofer is compatible with your home audio system before buying.


The Polk Audio HTS 10/12 subwoofer is ideal for any home theater. With a powerful drive system, this subwoofer is capable of producing high power bass for the utmost music experience. Its power port technology is ideal for reducing the distortion and offer clear bass. This subwoofer can produce high-quality sound with any home audio system. I hope you liked the Polk Audio HTS 10/12 subwoofer. You can consider using this subwoofer if this product meets your needs.

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