7 Best Wireless Subwoofer for your Home 2021 : Reviews and Buying Guide

TVs these days are getting smaller and thinner. Surely, they are being smart as well but one thing is missing in them now. With less space, they do not have big and powerful speakers and we need to attach some other speaker with them with cables or other methods.

Just a speaker or a sound bar is not sufficient to give you the required sound but a subwoofer is also very important with a major contribution. The subwoofer provides the very required bass and the thumping within the sound without which the audio seems to be dead.

Specially when it comes to an action movie, without bass, every movie becomes boring and worthless. This brings the very important question for us. Which device to buy? Don’t worry. We have brought an easy solution for you with this list of top 7 subwoofers in the market.

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Best Wireless Subwoofer

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Best Wireless Subwoofer Reviews 2021

These are some of the most popular and the most loved and reviews wireless subwoofers in the market. you can select the one most suitable for you.

#1. Sonos Subs Wireless Subwoofer for Deep Basss:

One of the most incredible feel of music is when you can get a balanced and pure bass out of your device. Sonos is one such woofer that is going to give you pure music and bass but nothing else. You might think why just Sonos can do it?

It is because these woofers have a sub face inward to eliminate the vibrations happening within the speaker letting it give you pure music and nothing else. The speaker can be connected wirelessly. The connection is strong and easy. You can connect it wirelessly via different means.

One thing you would like about them is that you can connect multiple subs at the same time and place them at different places in the house. This way, you can connect your home into one system and everyone can enjoy it. no corner will be left with suitable use.

In case you are in the category of the lazy people, it is a suitable choice for you. It is possible and very easy connect it with an Alexa device and control it just with your voice and no movement. The subs are designed in such a way that it can be placed in any position weather straight up or on its side. It provides the same music.

The strength of the subs is its bass power which is massive and lots of it. The only thing that might affect you is its price which is a bit high.


  • A decent design with massive and powerful bass and music.
  • Connects wirelessly and also connects with Alexa making it an efficient device.
  • Eliminates the vibrations within the music and also due to the heavy sound of the speaker.


  • The company lacks a bit with its service once the product has been sent.
  • A bit expensive and doesn’t support an iOS connection any more.

Value for money?

This is surely one of the most suitable choice for each and every music lover. Sonos is a choice of a large audience that have experience a good quality music with Sonos products.

This best wireless subwoofer have all the major and essential feature wit it and you will surely enjoy them around you with thrilling and soothing music of your choice.

#2. Klipsch R-10SWi 10” Wireless Subwoofer:

A very decent looks with a design of black and golden color. The dimensions of the device are so decent to look.

The price of this best wireless subwoofer is also very affordable and worth it. you will surely love a product like this at this price. The product is available in just one-color option with it and no other size or color options. This is the only available product from them.

The product doesn’t lack behind any other product or technology in any terms. You can use it wirelessly via multiple means. You don’t need to adjust wires again and again to get a proper sound and bass. Its sound quality is awesome and has no doubts with it.

The finish of the device is very lustrous and pretty. Alongside, it is made up of high-quality polymer that makes it a durable product.

It also has a low pass crossover and phase control. It is an all-digital amplifier system making it a luxurious product with lesser hand work and faster processing.

Though it is a wireless system, you can also plug a wire into it and use it. The device is compatible and suitable for both kind of usage. The device works on a 2.4GHz Wireless Hi-Fi Pre-Paired Transmitter. This doesn’t mean that it will overlap with other devices of same frequency range.


  • A small and decent design that can be placed and adjusted anywhere.
  • Capable of providing good quality sound and bass from any corner of the room.
  • Decent price for the kind of product it is. You can often find it in sales on different sites.


  • The outer structure is not so solid and powerful so it needs a bit of care.
  • The product with a wire is considered better than the wireless one.

Value for Money?

The product is a very excellent choice in terms of money and sound quality.  You get a very good sound quality with it.

The product has all the feature you look for in a product like this. The wireless version is a bit degraded than the wired one. That’s a basic property for any other speaker also.

The company has been a trustful name and you can go for the product without multiple thoughts in the mind.

#3. JBL Bar 3.1 Home Theater System:

This best wireless subwoofer is a combo product of a sound bar and a sub-woofer by one of the finest companies producing the sound devices.

JBL is a name that has been in the market for a long time and has been providing very fine product at a very affordable and decent price range. This is an older version of the device. The latest version of the product is Bar 5.1 which also has a built in Virtual Surround System.

You can get any of them as each one is unique in their own way. The price difference is a bit significant. You can find a 100$ difference in the two different version. The subwoofer is very powerful and effective in terms of providing you very good quality sound and bass.

JBL has never lacked in providing quality as well as advancement to its customers. This is one of the most renowned name in the industry. The major feature and power of the product is that it provides you suitable bass and music without disturbing the voice clarity which might happen in some other devices.

When it is a product from JBL, you need not to worry about the durability of the product. The bring some very fine build quality. You can connect it via Bluetooth and a true 4k connectivity with 3HDMI in and 1 HDMI out is also available.

Not just that, they also offer you a 1-year warranty with the product and you will surely love it.


  • A very fine design with an even strong build quality for longer durability.
  • A very fine price for the kind of product it is.
  • An awesome sound with thrilling bass without disturbing the voice clarity.


  • A little delay is observed in the beginning when the devices powers itself while turning music on.
  • Limited Bluetooth range.

Value for Money?

A very fine product from one of the leading brands in the sound system industry. The device has a very durable build quality.

It offers you awesome sound and bass and equally great voice clarity making sounds so real and close.

The price of the device is also very reasonable and affordable. You also get a warranty with the product for 1 year. These features make it one of the finest choices for music lovers.

#4. VIZIO SB 3821-C6 2.1 Channel Bar with Wireless Subwoofers:

Here again we have a wireless subwoofer with the sound bars. The design of the product is one of my favorites and I believe you will also love it as much as I loved it.

It is not a time when you need to move out of your couch and press buttons to change the volume or some other properties of the speakers.

You get a remote with the device which let you control them just where you are. No movement is required. The range of the remote is also decent. The device can be used wireless or with wires depending on your choice. It has both the features in it with a decent range for the wireless connections.

It has Bluetooth connectivity which lets you connect and control the device from a distance. The connectivity is strong and easy. With this device you can experience a room full of 100dB sound quality that can be a very good experience for you.

The sound is not just loud, it is soothing as well with a suitable ratio of sound and bass. They also manage to keep the voice clear and undisturbed from the thumping’s of the sound.

With a decent design, the device is equally strong and durable. It is made up of high-quality polymer material that makes it last for a long time.

The weight and dimensions are also very suitable so you need not to worry about how and where you fit in the device in your room. The device is engaged with the Dolby Digitals. This makes it a more suitable choice for movie experience as they hemp to engage the sound feel so real and dimensional.

One more and the more interesting feature of this best wireless subwoofer is its price. The price of the device is very low and affordable. You can not expect such a great product at this price.


  • A very affordable and low price for this kind of features.
  • Wireless and Bluetooth connectivity which is easy and strong.
  • Engaged with Dolby Digitals making the sound experience fell so real and thrilling.


  • Sometimes, the sound is experienced cracking when the signals are low.
  • It’s a wireless device and the range of connectivity is limited.

Value for Money?

At such a low price, we expect nothing but here we get both subwoofers and a sound bar. this is one of the finest audio products in this price range.

It is also engaged with the Dolby Digital which makes the experience more realistic and thrilling. The design is also something you will love for sure.

The limited range of connectivity is an issue with any kind of wireless device but apart that, it has nothing to be worried about and you can surely go for it.

#5. TCL Alto 7+ 2.1 Channel Home Theatre Sound Bar with Wireless- TS7010:


This is one of the cheapest and finest option of any audio device.

These woofers and sound bar are just amazing in term of quality and durability. They cost you so less that you cannot believe.

The design of the device really pretty and you will love it for sure. This sample is in Black colour but at times, multiple colors are available as an option.

This version of the device is Alto is 7+ 2.0. There are other versions as well. It will soon be updated to 7+ 2.1 which will be enriched with more features.

The sound quality of the device is no doubt a true bliss that will be soothing and thrilling with different kind of music.

The bass and the music are just perfect in ratio. When you go for the voices, it provides you a crystal-clear voice. TCL is one of the world’s best-selling consumer electronics brands. This makes it a trust worthy brand and all their products are great in build quality and sound quality as well.

With this device, you also get a set of audio cables and mounting kit to make the process of set up hassle free for you. With all these features, it is a great choice for you at this price.


  • A cheap and affordable product with the all major features.
  • A product by TCL which is a major brand in electronics market.
  • Available both wired and wireless. Free set of audio cables and mounting kit with it.


  • The sound is sometimes experienced delayed in certain cases.
  • The Bluetooth connectivity is just with the mobile devices. With TV, you need to use wires.

Value for Money?

This best wireless subwoofer has all the features you can ask for in any audio device and the best price is its price which is extremely less and quite affordable by all.

The only issue with the device is that doesn’t connect to TV wirelessly but if you do not need it for this purpose, this is the best product for you.

The product is durable and has very fine quality sound effects with the very desired and balanced bass. With this, sound feels coming into life.

#6. Samsung 2.1 Soundbar HW-R450:

Samsung is one of the finest companies to produce electronic items and here is one of the best products from them.

The design of the device is very much cool black design. The dimensions are so perfect but you do not get any color option here.

Though you can choose among the style of the device. The styles available are R550, R450, and R650. Each design is a bit upgraded version of other and there is a price difference in all of them. You can expect a price difference of about 50$ in the different versions.

The price of the product is not so high. It is one of the most affordable product for you which will cost less than 250$ for the latest one.The system is known to provide you a very unique and different experience of sound with clear tone and deep bass.

The device pairs seamlessly with the Samsung TVs. If you have a TV from Samsung, there can be no better choice than this. The system is extremely advance and you will enjoy the experience of this device in multiple ways.

The subwoofer provides you a very fine bass and thunderous sound to make you fell the sound so real and around.

It also has a smart sound mode which automatically detects the content on the screen or the playing device and changes the audio settings accordingly.

You also get a gaming mode with this device. This let you feel the games with more fun and realistic sounds but this mode is compatible with selected Samsung TVs. The device also has the Bluetooth connectivity to let another device like mobile phone to play music without wires.


  • A very fine quality device at a very low price.
  • Auto sound detection and audio control mechanism to better experience.
  • Bluetooth and wireless connectivity.


  • Gaming mode is not compatible on all the Samsung TVs.
  • A little weaker bass than other devices in the list.

Value for Money?

If you have a Samsung TV with you, there is no doubt about the choice of a subwoofer and a sound bar. This is surely the best product for you.

The only thing to consider is a weak bass but it manages with the quality sound and gives you more realistic experience than the unnecessary thumping of the air.

With this product, you can get a very good sound experience at a very low price.

#7. BOMAKER Sound Bar, 150W sound Bar with subwoofer:

This time we have a product from BOMAKER for you. This device has two options. One option is the 2.1 Channel and the other one is 5.1 Channel. There is a bit difference in the price of two but the price of the device is extremely low.

It is available for less than 150$ for both the sound bar and the subwoofer. You also get the remote for it to control from a distance. They are known to deliver a very decent sound with your TV. they do not have large speakers so this one can be a good attachment with the TV.

Another feature of this best wireless subwoofer is its compatibility with the games. It is a very fine device to experience the sound while playing games. The maximum power for the device is 150W and it has a maximum sound pressure of 110dB which is pretty nice.

The subwoofer provides you a very punchy bass that redefines the sound and audio quality around you with more thrill. The device can work wireless and with all kind of wires including Optical, Aux cable, USB drives or Coaxial cables.

The Bluetooth connection of the device is strong and upgraded making it operable from a long distance. The range of the device is expected to be around 35 fts.


  • All the major features in very low and affordable price.
  • Advance Bluetooth compatibility with powerful range of connection.
  • Connectivity with all kind of cables including Optical, Aux, Coaxial and USB.


  • Good quality but little low sound output.
  • A little difficult connectivity and settings.

Value for Money?

The device comes in less than a couple of hundred dollars and has all the major features in it. along with a very decent and lasting design.

It is very good to be used while playing games. The only drawback for the device is a bit difficult initial setting but once done, it would be great.

The device has a bit low sound to make it noise free and healthy. Those who want a very loud sound may switch to other devices otherwise this is a very good choice.


Sound makes the visuals more realistic and they cannot be missed for sure. Here we have the 7 most popular wireless subwoofers and soundbars.

These are the best wireless subwoofers 2021 in the market and select the one that is most suitable for you. Do share your experience and reviews in the comments.

Also share your choice among the list of these 7 best wireless subwoofers. It would be pleasure to connect with you in comments.

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