Best 18 Inch Subwoofer 2020 : Reviews and Buying Guide

Best 18 Inch Subwoofer 2020 : What is a car without a music system? I remember that dreadful drive I had when my music system was broken, and I had no music to listen to as I traveled 250 miles. Since that day I made sure to add music to my checklist for preparation before I travel in my car. The music keeps you cool and makes sure you are not bored driving.

A simple output speaker is not at all suitable for the music enthusiast. The clarity, loudness and the bass of the songs are the most important things they look into, including me. Some songs/music are meant to be heard in high volume and some in low volume. Some need that additional bass to be extra high and some needs those voice to sound loud. To have all these variations in a single music system, your music system should be installed with all the good components to make sure you get them all right.

Subwoofers are also an important component of the music system, and nowadays, it is the most preferred way to listen to music – with high bass. These are low-end sound-producing speakers that give the beats the deep sound. 18” subwoofers are the right choice for your car and they produce the best bass ever.Having the best and the right one for your car is the right way to enjoy your drive along the coastline or getting a party song at the picnic spot with your friends. Just for that purpose, we have listed the 18” best 5 subwoofers that are perfect for your car. Let us look into them now.

Best 18 Inch Subwoofer Reviews 2020

#1. Skar Audio ZVX-18v2 D2 18″ 3200 Watt Max Power Dual 2 Ohm SPL Car Subwoofer

With the output of 3200 watts, the ZVX-18v2 model from Skar is a power-packedsub-woofer. It is an 18” sub-woofer, which is also SPL grade and is engineered and designed to give out that powerful yet accurate sound from the music that you play. Users have termed it to be a reliable and powerful sub-woofer and this is all because of efficient and consistent performance. The 18″ sub-wooferhas dual 2Ohm, which means you will get good powerful sound output from it. The sub-woofer has the capacity for peak power of 3200 Watts and an RMS power of 1660 Watts – this is of a high standard across itscompetitors.

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The woofer isinstalled with a massive triple stack magnet that provides a great opportunity for the woofer to produce a powerful sound which in turn gives you the effect of a super base. Along with the magnet is the Copper voice coil that is 8 layered and can withstand high temperature and is of 3” thickness. The subwoofer’s cone is the most important part and, in this case, the cone is made of competition grade paper cone. The cone withstands the high level of vibrations produced by the magnet and the coil, which send it to the foam surrounded by the cone. This high roll foam absorbs all these vibrations from the cone and acts as a shock absorber.

The most important thing that makes the perfect sound in any speaker is the proper airflow in them. This subwoofer has an advanced airflow cooling design that makes it perfect for sound production. The sub-woofer is made in the USA and follows all the necessary standards and makes it perfect for American users.


  • 18” Dual Ohm speaker that is designed to give you the consistent and best sound for your music
  • Peak power is of 3200 Watts and an RMS power of 1600 Watts
  • It has a massive magnet that will ensure the right sounds are produced with clarity
  • The voice coil is 8 layered and has a thickness of 3 inches making it strong enough to interact with the magnetic field
  • The cone is made of competition-grade paper material
  • Advanced airflow design has given the right amount of air to produce the sound


  • The sub-woofer gets too hot quickly

#2. Skar Audio EVL-18 D4 18″ 2500 Watt Max Power Dual 4 Ohm Car Subwoofer

Another one from Skar, slightly lower for the in few parameters when compared to the previous one but can surely form as a good combination with the right speaker. It is an 18” speaker with Dual 4 Ohm that ensures less stress is applied to the amplifier that you use. The sub-woofers are designed to produce the sound of low frequency, and they are the base sounds that fill the music with all those wonderful beats. It is designed with an output of 2500 Watts of peak power and an RMS power of 1250 Watts. RMS is the continuous sound that the speaker can play for a long time.

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Voice coil is an important part of the speaker and it receives the sound in the form of electricity. It produces the sound waves and a lot of pressure exerted on it. Hence it has the 3″ thickness copper coil with the resistant to high temperature. With all the vibrations being produced on the sub-woofer, the right cone needs to be used. It has a competition-grade paper cone that does the job of producing the good movement of the sub-woofer. High foam surrounding the cone makes sure the movement of the cone is easy and absorbs the vibrations.

The cone is placed on the sight suspension, which is of the premium quality; hence you can expect durability of the sub-woofer. The suspension has been named as the two-layer spider of the EVL series from Skar. It has been perfectly designed to produce that high-definition of low-end sounds – that means you can listen to the powerful bass on that good music of yours.


  • Dual 4 Ohms voice coil enables good sound production
  • The sub-woofer has a peak sound of 2500 Watts
  • RMS on the sub-woofer is around 1250 Watts
  • The cone is made of the competition-grade paper which ensures durability
  • The mounting depth is 10.10” hence plan your installation based on this depth. You will get standard mounting cases of this size easily
  • This has a premium suspension built in it and is of the EVL series Signature Red 2-layer Spider


  • No cons that we know of at this moment

#3. Sundown Audio U-18 D2 18″ Dual 2-Ohm U-Series Subwoofer

Sundown Audio is the brand that brings you the next best sub-woofer and has very good specifications that we will look into now. It is an 18″ subwoofer and is designed to have an RMS of 1500 Watts, and it provides that loud bass easily. This is the U-series subwoofers from the brand and one of the best from them. There are plenty of wiring options provided in these series of the sub-woofers. The round cushion is stitched to the cone and hence provides a great bond between the two. This cushion is then surrounded by the surround bolt-on ring that is engraved with the Sundown name on it.

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Each subwoofer comes with foam gaskets that attach to the bottom of the mounting flange to ensure there is a good seal. These U series have been introduced to give good pricing options for the users as their earlier versions are of slightly expensive ones. There are 2 years Sundown warranty that is provided and that is because the subwoofers are made of high-quality material. It has 3 inches of black voice coil that converts the electrical signals into the sound waves. The cast basket is made of high-quality material but not as premium as other series from the brand.

The spacing ring just above the magnet prides a great space of air movement hence keep the coil cool. The magnet is also a high powered one, supporting the best sound output. The magnet also hoards the Sundown name is a very stylish way. There is a cooling plate below the magnet that keeps the temperature in check during its high performance. The depth of the subwoofer is 10.11 inches, which are required measurement for mounting purposes.


  • The powerful magnet makes the subwoofer a heavy and durable one
  • The plate below the magnet absorbs the heat to provide a better performance
  • The reason for the price reduction when compared to the other series from the brand is the usage of different material for the cast basket
  • Black voice coils which are designed for durability
  • Spacing rings to provide good air circulation


  • No cons that we could come across

#4. American Bass HD18D1 HD 18″ 4000w subwoofer

American Bass is known for the production of the subwoofers and this one is an 18” one that is the biggest on this series from them. This is a 4000Watts of subwoofer that provides a very good sound output for your car’s sound system. It is installed with the 300oz heavy magnet that adds up to the performance of the subwoofer. These are the HD series of subwoofers from the brand and they are the heavy-duty ones that provide a greater output for its specifications. The components arrangement produces a good low-end sound that is a good bass to your music.

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The brand is so confident in their subwoofers that make a point to tell that they do not cover for the rear-view mirror or the shattered windshields due to the usage of these heavy subwoofers. The 18” die-cast basket has various perimeter vents that support the ventilation of the air to enable cooling of the heavy-duty subwoofers. The cone is made of Kevlar material and is of non-press paper cone. The subwoofer, unlike others, does not have a copper coil instead has a flat aluminum coil as the voice call. The magnets used are triple stacked and are spaced with the rubber gasket to ensure less vibrations are passing through them hence causing them to break. It also has rubber boot added to the magnet to ensure there is less sock being passed on from the magnet. The peak power of the subwoofer is 4000Watts and the RMS is 2000W, which makes it a heavy-duty one. It has a dual 1-ohm impedance.


  • 18” subwoofer with 4000Watts of maximum output
  • 2000Watts of RMS gives consistent sound output
  • These are HD series from the brand hence of high quality
  • Aluminum voice coil instead of the copper coil as seen in other products
  • Cast basket is made with bigger vents to ensure good ventilation of air, cooling the coil with the ventilation
  • Triple stacked magnet with rubber gasket protecting them from the vibrations
  • Rubber magnet boots to work as the protective case and also absorbing any unwanted vibrations
  • The mounting depth is 9.72”


  • No Cons as of now

#5. American Bass 18″ Cast Frame 320Oz Magnet Woofer

American Bass introduces another 18” subwoofer that has slightly higher powerful magnets when compared to the previous one we just discussed. It is a high-powered subwoofer with great low-end output. This ensures good bass output from the subwoofer. Adding to the high-quality output from it, it is reasonably priced when compared to all the features in it. The voice coil is made of flat aluminum wires and is designed to provide a great output when compared to all the subwoofers in this range.

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The magnets used in this subwoofer are of 320oz heavy magnet, which ensures a high-quality low-end sound. There are rubber gaskets that separate the stacked magnets making sure they do not break off due to the high vibrations of the low sound produced. The magnet boots are made of rubber for protection from the vibration impact on the resting surface. The speaker has an RMS power of 1500 Watts and a maximum of 3000Watts. Its depth is similar to the previous one that is around 9.72 inches which is convenient for mounting purposes. It has 18” dies cast basket that is well ventilated due to the bigger vents present on it. They avoid the coil from getting too hot during its heavy-duty performance.


  • 18” subwoofer giving a great sound output
  • 300Watts of maximum power and 1500Watts of RMS
  • Kevlar woven non-press paper cone providing durability to the product
  • Flat Aluminum voice coil
  • 320Oz of magnet making the bass deeper

So, these are the best 18” subwoofer we could find for you to choose from, to install in your car. They might vary slightly in their physical features but getting the right one for the right amplifier is important. That is a different topic to talk on as there are a lot of variables to look into.

Final Verdict: Which one would I choose?

With all the subwoofer in a similar price range, the best one I can spot out on the list is the first one on the list. Skar Audio ZVX-18v2 D2 is the one I choose from the list, as it is the best one suited for most of the average-sized car. With the high-quality sound output and the 2 years warranty they provide, it is the best choice to make. It is slightly high priced when compared with a couple of subwoofers on the list of best 18 inch subwoofer for car. If the price is not a great concern for you, then making this choice will not leave you in any guilt.

The next choice purely on the price is the Skar’s 2500Watt subwoofer. It is priced somewhere in the range of $270 – $300 and does have a good quality low-end sound. This is also a high-quality product; hence even if you choose this just based on the price it is no choice to repent on. Happy Buying!

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