Klipsch R-12SW Review : Features, Benefits of High Quality Subwoofer

Are you looking for a subwoofer that will add a higher resonance and dimension to your music or movie experiences? We are here with one of the best products that are surely going to be in your budget and provide the best sound experience to you. Klipsch R-12SW is the master product about which we are going to talk. This expert is a detailed review of Klipsch R-12SW enclosing optimal features with pricing details. This review will be helpful to decide whether this product is made for you or not. By the end of the excerpt, you will get to understand the features of Klipsch R-12SW. We have tried to unburden your workload for the selection of the subwoofer to enrich your sound experience. R-12 from Klipsch is known to be one of the best subwoofers available at an affordable rate with timeless audio quality.

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 Klipsch R-12SW Technical Specification

  • Frequency range: 29Hz to 120Hz
  • Amplifier: fully digital built-in
  • Output: 116dB
  • Enclosure type: bass reflex
  • Input type: LEF RCA or line-level jack
  • Phase: 0 to 180 degree (switchable)
  • Dimension: 16 X 14 X 18.5
  • Material: MDF
  • Power: 400 watts
  • Design: front firing
  • Distortion: Minimal

Optimal features of Klipsch R-12SW Review

  • Design

Klipsch R-12SW is a product that comes from the German company named Klipsch Audio; it never compromises on the design of any sound equipment. Compared with other subwoofers in the same range, Klipsch R-12SW out to be quality sound with great looks to add charm in your interior. 

The front portion of Klipsch R-12SW comes with the black polymer veneer cabinet with the classy look enclosing the satin painted plinth for the stylish touch. The cabinet is made of medium-density fiberboard that offers the aesthetic look with long life to adjust in any room. It has a stunning manufacturing design. In the front, there is a beautiful 12 inches woofer made of spun -copper cerrametallic to grace the edge. The backside of Klipsch R-12SW is quite plain and smooth with the functioning knobs and ports. Overall the whole design of Klipsch R-12SW Sims gorgeous, minimal, and surely going to fit in any setup.

  • Pricing

Klipsch R-12SW subwoofer has a bit higher price than the conventional ones, but the performance and quality sound production is incredible. The sound quality is incompatible with other conventional subwoofers in the market. The whole system is aided with so many features that you are going to find in this price range. This unit has proved its worth of investment by producing such a good quality effortless sound. Most of the people who had bought this earlier has marked it 4.5 points out of 5.

  • Essence of sound

Due to the presence of premium quality all built-in digital amplifier, the sound quality in Klipsch R-12SW subwoofer becomes superb. The old digital design in the speaker offers the subwoofer much power and produces remarkable bass audio. No need for the external power source because of the built-in amplifier.

  • Controlling features

Klipsch R-12SW is equipped with three types of control, which will let the one layer append multiple tones with the other speaker to establish varying levels of bass. Specifically, the three controls are as follows:

  • Level: The level control of this speaker emphasizes leveling the volume and maintaining a sound balance between the other audio devices of the system. When connected with other audio devices, you can set the subwoofer level control, the AV receiver’s controller will become the volume control for the whole system.
  • Phase: to match the output of your audio system, this phase control feature has been added in the Klipsch R-12SW.
  • Low pass crossover: Klipsch R-12SW is aided with an adjustable crossover that can vary in the frequency range of 40 to 120 hertz. This feature is known to determine the low bass frequencies for more precise sound quality.
  • Performance

Here comes the primary star of this unit, the Klipsch R-12SW produces a premium quality sound with the breathtaking minimal look. Klipsch R-12 subwoofer is known to reach very low in the frequency range without any distortion utilizing less effort. It is equipped with a built-in all-digital amplifier with the power of 600 watts and 300 watts RMS resulting in a clear, deep, and stable base across the different levels of sound. Wrapping up the sound produced by this unit is massive and always going to satisfy your needs.

Pros and Cons

Below mentioned are some of the advantages and disadvantages that can help you to get an idea about this product. This will help you make your mind to opt for this subwoofer.


  • Elegant looking copper woofer
  • Excellent performance
  • Three controlling features
  • Price to performance worth
  • Auto switch mode
  • Led indicator
  • Dynamic digitalized amplifier 
  • Line/LFE input methods


  • The short length of the power cord
  • Weight of the subwoofer
  • Lack of feature at this cost
  • Sometimes, works well with home theatres only
  • Prevalent bright green light in the night time

Company overview

Klipsch Audio company or we can call it Klipsch Group Inc., was established in the year 1946 in America. It is an Indianapolis based company. It is one of the famous audio equipment company which produces premium quality loudspeakers, enclosures and drivers. Klipsch is one of the renowned companies in the sound equipment market; it is known for its high-end manufacturing loudspeakers, personal computers, sound systems, public address applications. This company has grown worldwide and continued to produce the right quality products and has won the trust of more than a million customers around the world. If you are looking for any high-end audio system, and you can consider products from this company as it nose for its quality customer service. 

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The detailed review of Klipsch R-12SW comes to an end. We have tried to enlist all the detailed information that you should know about this subwoofer to understand it better. It will surely let you decide on its purchase. Klipsch R-12SW turns out to be an exceptional subwoofer that will undoubtedly enrich your movies and music sound experiences. Though some of the essential features are lacking in this unit, it still manages to make and perform the best out you could expect from Klipsch Company. Klipsch R-12SW is known for delivering a premium experience to its user.

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