BIC America F12 Review

Were you looking for a subwoofer? Do you want high quality full of the bass woofer for your home? Are you confused about choosing between big brands like Polke subwoofer or BIC ones? Digging through all the different brands, the review is quite quarrelsome for everyone. If you want to upgrade your subwoofer, then BIC America F12 Subwoofer is the ultimate product in the sound market. In this context, you will get a simple, short, and concise review of the BIC America F12 subwoofer, which will help you get the perfect subwoofer.

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BIC America is one of the oldest frontrunners in the race of producing quality audio equipment. F12 subwoofer is a premium product that can easily adjust to anyone’s budget. Hold yourself tight; here, you will get immersive in the world of bass, which will make each sound experience more thrilling than before. F12 subwoofers will allow you to feel the sound by improving the sound quality of your existing sound system.

BIC America F12 Technical specification

  • Size:12-inch front-firing design
  • Sensitivity:90 dB sensitivity
  • Frequency: 25Hz-200Hz
  • Weight:42.70-pound weight
  • Impedance: 8 ohms
  • Specific Dimension:21 X 19 X 22 inches dimension
  • Power:475 watts 
  • Warranty:Five year warranty

BIC America F12 Feature Review

  • Installation

The whole installation process of the BIC America F12 subwoofer is quite straightforward. You have to plug in the power cable and connect the receiver to the sub input; you will have to select the receiver type and then turn on the power. Firstly, you can test the volume as well as the crossover frequency with some good music by turning the knobs until you may found a wide range of sound.

  • Placement

It would help if you placed the subwoofer correctly to produce excellent sound without any disturbances. Most of the people face issue while placing their first subwoofer because they don’t adjust it properly. You may go for any online resources that illustrate how to choose the best placement for the subwoofer.

You can adjust the product by maintaining a reasonable distance between the wall and the subwoofer. To choose the ideal spot for a subwoofer, you can adjust it. If you have found the correct spot, then tune it finally with the volume and crossover frequency knobs.

  • Performance 

This product’s performance is worth more than the money invested. It has a smooth consistency in the volume, and frequency separation is quite good. It is equipped to produce impactful and powerful bass response latest much louder than the usual sound. According to a few listening tests, it has come out to be one of the best performers. It can easily handle the lowest frequency by exhibiting clear bass compared to other conventional subwoofers.

  • Quality of sound

The BIC F12 is equipped with a 150 Watts amplifier that can go up to 475 watts maximum. This sound system will be enough for a house party or home usage. It is known to be delivering more base as compared to another home theatre. The sound quality is sturdy, Deep, and loud. The presence of deep bass will shake the entire house, making you feel even the lowest sound frequencies. Compared with the majority of subwoofers, overall, it comes with excellent sound quality and is found to be working well at a lower volume. You only have to choose the right set of crossover and the right adjustments for achieving the unique audio experience.

  • Pricing 

F12 is the best affordable subwoofer available in the price range of $200 to $300. Being one of the most affordable subwoofers comes with five years of warranty, which you are not going to find in any other subwoofer coming in the same range of money. However, it would be best if you always thought twice before investing in any product, and we think America f12 is going to worth your money. As it comes from a well-known brand and provides quality service to its customers too. Lastly, this BIC America F12 subwoofer will provide you more superior quality services than you have invested in it.

  • Design

The design of BIC F12 is quite heavy and big, with a 12-inch front-firing. Having a minimalist look, the cubic styling is quite classy, which will seize anyone’s attention at a glance. It is made using black and thick finish laminate, and the thick walls will prevent unwanted resonance. In the bottom of the F12 subwoofer, there is a rubber foot that is relatively cushy for doing a decent job of isolating on a wood floor. These rubber feeds decouple the vibration coming from the floor. If you want some more vibration, then you can unscrew the rubber feet. The chrome aluminum brushed finished front look of the subwoofer is mesmerizing. F12 has a very distinct look that stands out from the system and makes your system look wow.

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Pros and Cons

Every product has two aspects- good and evil, also called as pros or cons. Depending upon it, you can choose according to your requirement. Here are some pros and cons of BIC F12:


  • Good quality sound
  • Works well for movies
  • Produces strong low frequency
  • Classy look
  • Clean and articulate bass response
  • Affordable price


  • May get heated
  • The green light on the backside can be irritating while watching a movie.
  • Can be disappointing for other than home theatre use

Company overview

British industries corporation, also known as BIC America, is an American corporation that is known for producing high-end quality British audio products. BIC is a certified Pioneer in the audio equipment industry widely famous for producing loudspeakers and patenting colossal Venturi port. This company has become a brand at present, and it was established in the year of 1950 since then they are continuously excelling in the sound industry by manufacturing some of the most excellent audio equipment of the decade. Over the years, this company has produced vivid premium quality sound equipment for stereos, computer systems, and home entertainment systems.

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If you are a playback movie lover or want some excellent sound while watching movies and music under your limited budget, you should surely go for BIC America F12 subwoofer. BIC F12 subwoofer is one of the cheap and good enough subwoofers that will not let you invest a ton of money while buying a subwoofer. F12 subwoofer creates amazing bass that comes down to about 25 Hertz what is relatively low for a subwoofer, and it will impress you with movies while keeping you happy with its original music. This product is more Targeted towards movies specifically.

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