Klipsch R-112SW Review

The easiest method to know any product is by reading its review on the web. Maybe you are here also to know the same. Looking for a subwoofer is no more a hectic task. You can quickly go through different reviews to know which one is the best for you. Today, in this article, you are going to get a detailed review of Klipsch R-112W subwoofer. Going through this detailed review, you can easily understand the product in more depth by knowing its technical specification and optimal features.

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Klipsch R-112W is one of the best amongst the subwoofers available in the market. Manufactured by a top company, it is known to produce excellent sound effects under an affordable budget. Coming from a great brand name, it holds the power to perform well at low power consumption. Klipsch R-112W review is going to contain its powerful features, good looks, and its benefits and drawbacks. We are hoping after reading this review, and you will be able to decide whether Klipsch suits your demands or not.

Klipsch R-112W Technical specification

  • Dimensions: 21.5 X 19.5 X 22.3 inches
  • Amplifying rate: 300 watts
  • Front-firing woofer size: 12 inches
  • Port firing: front slot
  • Cabinet: Black polymer brushed
  • Inputs: LFE RCA
  • Output device: MOSFET
  • Rubber base: four

Klipsch R-112SW Features Review

  • Aesthetical design

The exterior colour of Klipsch R-112 is flat black, or according to the Klipsch website, it can be called black pika. Klipsch R-112SW unit has been designed in a way that is going to be suitable for a squared room. The overall aesthetic of this product is quite good. However, we all consider the bigger subwoofer as a better choice. It is appropriate according to the room size and placement area.

  • Quality of sound

It has multiple connections as well as it does feature right and left line-level RCA jack. It also has left and right high-level speaker binding posts. It can also connect to the AWA port. The subwoofer has a sensitivity of 106 decibels with the maximum acoustic output of 116 decibels. The amplifier has 300 watts RMS rate, and it does have a dynamic power of 600 watts total. This product marks its presence by hauling through feel and audio quality. Klipsch R-112SW is known to be one of the room shaking subwoofers without any hard thumping sound. The quality of sound is beautiful, precise, tighter, and aggressive.

Klipsch R-112SW is very efficient at producing effortless sound effects. The overall performance of this product is charming, which comes with partying thumps. At the start, it may proceed slowish with the ported sound. Still, the whole wall-shaking experience is going to enrich your partying experience. It comes out to be quite impressive with a great tone and low-frequency catcher without any distortion in the device. At this price range, this product does a commendable job without disappointing its user. 

  • Heavy and strong body

The dimensions of Klipsch R-112SW are 21.5 X 19.5 X 22.3 inches. This subwoofer is equipped with a 12-inch active non-resistant woven fiberglass driver. The front speaker’s grill is detachable for better aesthetics. The unit weighs around 46 pounds. The copper-colored membrane is made of using Cerametallic to provide a complete bright contrast. It is quite stiff and comes with properties of damping that everyone is going to love. It acquires sound pressure of 118 decibels.

Pros and Cons

The pros far exceed the cons. It has the feature of par bass and deep bass by fulfilling the entire house with superb sound quality. Based on the real-time customer’s review, we have gathered the pros of using Klipsch R-112SW.


  • Crystal clear bass
  • No distortion
  • Deep Fillion vibration
  • Superb sound quality
  • Efficient to use
  • Durable 
  • Elegant look


  • Little more bass for an open field is required.
  • Short life
  • When it is disconnected from VAR, it may emit humming sound.
  • Rattling sound sometimes while playing 

What to expect from Klipsch R-112SW Review

This review will suggest you buy this product if you are looking for a squared room sub-woofer. However, we can assure you that you are going to invest money on an excellent product which is going to make your experience worth remembering. This detailed review contains features, benefits, and drawbacks based on real customer reviews. So you are going to get a perfect blend of exact facts and figures about the R-112 SW unit from the Klipsch brand.

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Company overview

Klipsch Audio company or we can call it Klipsch Group Inc., was established in the year 1946 in America. It is an Indianapolis based company. It is one of the famous audio equipment company which produces premium quality loudspeakers, enclosures and drivers. Klipsch is one of the renowned companies in the sound equipment market; it is known for its high-end manufacturing loudspeakers, personal computers, sound systems, public address applications. This company has grown worldwide and continued to produce the right quality products and has won the trust of more than a million customers around the world. If you are looking for any high-end audio system, and you can consider products from this company as it nose for its quality customer service. 

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Klipsch R-112SW is an excellent subwoofer, and if you have the correct squared room, this will probably do more than you need. Overall, this unit from Klipsch’s is an incredible one that is far above from other models. Its performance is quite good and gives you a house rattling feeling of a subwoofer. Klipsch R-112 is one of a kind known for producing effortless sound capable enough to bear low frequencies into the bass. Its elegant design will increase the charm of your place. The thumping feature will make your parties extraordinary. This product is suitable for the one who wants to discover a blend of sounds by investing a limited amount.  

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