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I’m Sally and I love all things audio and music.subwoofer guide about us

I live in Queens, New York and love to exercise and run and listen to music while I do it.  I also have a small gym area set up in my apartment where I can listen to my bass while I work out.

I also love gaming and have my home entertainment system set up so I can really get into Minecraft and Fortnite.

Having a quality subwoofer to get that “wall of sound” is so important and many people don’t fully understand what the difference is.  Which is why I started reviewing the best subwoofers for different areas.

I travel mostly on the subway so I don’t own a car but I understand what a car subwoofer can do to get that perfect sound.  Many cars nowadays have a good sound system but once you add the subwoofer – well you won’t go back.

Crisp, clear music that can be played loud or soft and the “wall of sound” is there for both.

I have tried to be fair in my reviews and appreciate that what suits one person may not suit another.

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Thank you for taking the time to read these articles and I hope you are able to form an educated opinion and find a subwoofer that suits your needs.

Please note that when you click and purchase through my website I do earn a small commission which goes towards the time I spend researching and comparing subwoofers and the upkeep of my website.  I appreciate any purchases you make.

Driving, dancing, listening, exercising.  Whatever your reason for needing a subwoofer you will find what you’re looking for on Subwoofer Guide.